Time Title (Location) Presenter
08:30 Welcome, Meeting Objectives & overview of Phase 1 progress Peter Griffith (pptx) & Scott Goetz (pptx)
09:00 Perspective and update from HQ; introduction to Phase 2 selections & transitioning  Hank Margolis (pptx) & Mike Falkowski (pptx)
09:30 Update on Airborne Campaigns & Potential Coordination with SnowEx Chip Miller
10:00 Break (15 min)
10:15 Snow research in the western Canadian Arctic: links to ABoVE and SnowEx Phil Marsh (pptx)
10:35 SAR Coordinated airborne-field analysis team Kevin Schaefer (pptx) & Mahta Moghaddam (pptx)
11:05 NISAR goals & efforts in the ABoVE domain: biomass & permafrost objectives Paul Siqueira (pptx)
11:25 Discussion
12:00 Lunch - Pick up boxed lunch (Room 155)
12:30 Parallel Lunch Sessions:
ICE-Sat2 mission update: Amy Neuenschwander (Room 160) (pptx)
ABoVE Science Cloud: Liz Hoy (Room 165)
1:30 Phase 2 project speed talks
Quantifying socioecological consequences of changing snow and icescapes: A data-model fusion approach — Boelman (TE 2018) Natalie Boelman (pptx)
 Wetland status, change, and seasonal inundation dynamics for assessing the vulnerability of waterfowl habitat within the ABoVE study domain — French (TE 2018) Liza Jenkins (pptx)
Understanding the Interactions between Wildfire Disturbance, Landscape Hydrology and Post-Fire Recovery in Boreal-Taiga Ecosystems — Bourgeau-Chavez (TE 2018) Laura Bourgeau-Chavez (pptx)
Assessing impact of climate-driven increase in wildfire emissions on air quality and health of urban and indigenous populations in Alaska — Loboda (TE 2018) Tatiana Loboda (pptx)
Crossing the divide: Inundation drives hotspots of carbon flux — Butman (TE 2018) David Butman (pptx)
Improving Understanding and Prediction of Permafrost Active Layer Processes Using a Coupled Radar Inversion and Soil Process Model Framework. — Kimball (TE 2018) John Kimball
Analysis and Interpretation of UAVSAR Tomographic Data in the Arctic Boreal Region — Hensley (TE 2018) Scott Hensley (pptx)
Clarifying linkages between canopy solar induced fluorescence (SIF) and physiological function for high latitude vegetation — Huemmrich (TE 2018) Fred Huemmrich (ppt)
Variation in Foliar Functional Traits across Environmental Gradients in ABoVE Landscapes — Townsend (TE 2018) Phil Townsend (pptx)
Vulnerability of the Taiga-Tundra Ecotone: Predicting the Magnitude, Variability, and Rate of Change at the Intersection of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems — Armstrong (TE 2018) Amanda Armstrong (pptx)
Break (15 min)
Mapping boreal forest biomass density for the ABoVE domain circa 2020 with ICESat-2 — Duncanson (TE 2018) Amy Neuenschwander (pptx)
Mapping and modeling attributes of an arctic-boreal biome shift: Phase-2 applications within the ABoVE domain — Goetz (TE 2018) Scott Goetz (pptx)
Toward disentangling causes for the substantial increase of CO2 seasonal amplitude in the Arctic — Hu (TE 2018) Lei Hu (pptx)
Characterizing Microtopographic Hot-spots and Landscape-scale Methane Emissions Across the ABoVE Domain — Miller (TE 2018) Chip Miller
Quantifying socioeconomic impacts of changing Arctic ecosystems using ABoVE datasets in an integrated Human-Earth system modeling and data assimilation framework — Chen (TE 2018) Min Chen (pptx)
Improving mechanistic representation of Arctic carbon dynamics using data assimilation — Fox (TE 2018) Andy Fox (pptx)
Dynamic Modeling of Ecosystem Processes and Services in North American Boreal Forests within the ABoVE Study Region — Lutz (TE 2018) David Lutz (pptx)
Ecophysiological and physical mechanisms linking solar-induced fluorescence and vegetation reflectance to boreal forest productivity — Frankenberg (TE 2018) Troy Magney
Reduction in Earth System Model Uncertainties for Arctic-Boreal Terrestrial Ecosystems with ABoVE Data — Fisher (TE 2018)  Josh Fisher
4:30 Group Photo
Poster & Open Interaction sessions
  • Phase 2
  • Carbon Dynamics
6:30 Adjourn
Time Title (Location) Presenter
08:30 Invited: Arctic Vegetation Dynamics Isla Myers Smith (pdf)
09:00 Invited: Indigenous perspectives & Co-production of Knowledge Mandy Bayha & Joanne Speakman (pdf)
09:30 Introduce emerging topics breakouts Peter Griffith
09:45 Discussion of WGs Scott Goetz
10:00 Break
10:15 NGEE-Arctic Shawn Serbin (pdf)
10:30 Hydrology and Permafrost WG John Kimball(pdf)
10:45 Vegetation Dynamics WG Howie Epstein (Arctic)(pdf), Brendan Rogers(boreal)(pdf)
11:00 Fire Disturbance WG Laura Bourgeau-Chavez (pdf)
11:15 Carbon Dynamics WG Abhishek Chatterjee (pdf)
11:30 Wildlife WG Natalie Boelman (pdf)
12:00 Lunch - Pick up boxed lunch (Room 155)
12:15 Parallel Lunch Sessions:
Co-production of Knowledge: Libby Larson, Mandy Bayha, Joanne Speakman (Room 165) (handout)
ABoVE Data Publication at the ORNL DAAC: Jack McNelis (Room 160)
Student Mentor Matchup
1:00 Charge to Thematic Breakouts(pdf)
1:15 Breakout Groups
  • Fire Disturbance (pdf)
  • Wildlife & Ecosystems Services(pdf)
  • Carbon Dynamics (pdf)
  • Vegetation Dynamics (pdf)
  • Hydrology & Permafrost (pdf)
3:30 Break
4:00 Breakouts Continued
4:30 Poster & Open Interaction sessions
  • Crosscutting
  • Fire Disturbance
  • Vegetation Dynamics
6:30 Adjourn
7:30 Social! at The LOT
7611 Fay Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037
Time Title(Location) Presenter
08:30 Fire Disturbance, Carbon combustion, Legacy Carbon Xanthe Walker
09:00 Model comparison & benchmarking framework Josh Fisher
09:30 Breakout reports – Thematic WG Efforts and Synthesis Updates
  • Fire Disturbance (pdf)
  • Wildlife & Ecosystems Services(pdf)
  • Carbon Dynamics (pdf)
  • Vegetation Dynamics (pdf)
  • Hydrology & Permafrost (pdf)
10:00 Break
10:15 Polar Knowledge Canada Adam Houben (pdf)
10:30 Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) / Canadian Forest Service (CFS) Jason Edwards (pdf)
10:45 Yukon research Kevin Turner (pdf)
11:00 Northwest Territories Research & Global Waters Futures Jen Baltzer
11:15 New permafrost activities and networks in Canada Merritt Turetsky
11:30 National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) John Musinsky (pdf)
11:45 Discussion
12:00 Pick up boxed lunch (Room 155)
12:30 Parallel Lunch Sessions:
Data Management Lifecycle: Peter Griffith, Matt Brady (Room 165)
ABoVE Science Cloud: Liz Hoy (Room 160)
Student Mentor Matchup (Room 155)
1:30 Charge to Cross-cutting Breakouts – (Plenary) (pdf)
1:45 Breakout groups
  • Disturbance – Vegetation (pdf)
  • Wildlife – Vegetation Dynamics – Fire (pdf)
  • Carbon – Disturbance – Permafrost – Hydrology Interactions (pdf)
  • Carbon – Modeling – Scaling (pdf)
3:00 Break
3:15 Breakouts Continued
4:30 Poster & Open Interaction sessions
  • Fire Disturbance
  • Hydrology & Permafrost
  • Modeling
  • Wildlife & Ecosystem Services
6:30 Adjourn
Time Title(Location) Presenter
08:30 Introduction to day's objectives Scott Goetz
08:45 Breakout reports - Cross-cutting synthesis
  • Disturbance – Vegetation (pdf)
  • Wildlife – Vegetation Dynamics – Fire (pdf)
  • Carbon – Disturbance – Permafrost – Hydrology Interactions (pdf)
  • Carbon – Modeling – Scaling (pdf)
09:15 Discussion-Synthesis Activities and next steps Chip Miller
09:30 Charge to & Discussion of Emerging Breakout topics Peter Griffith
9:45 Break
  • Airborne Science Plans and Data
  • Modeling
  • Spectral Imaging (start with Airborne)
  • Emerging Topic: Room 155
  • Emerging Topic: Room 150
11:00 Quick Breakout Reports Back on Emerging Topics Ideas
12:15 Perspectives, opportunities, wrap-up Leadership group
12:30 Closing remarks & Adjourn
1:00 Leadership Group + Org. Committee (165)
3:00 Adjourn