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Fairbanks Logistics Support

The ABoVE Fairbanks Logistics Office is conveniently located near the airport and University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The office serves as a staging, storage, and field training location for ABoVE researchers. The office can receive equipment shipments with previous notice, as well as provide a secure location for field gear or vehicle storage. Additionally, the office has the capability to assist in the arrangement of ATVs, boats, snowmachines, cars, and 4x4 trucks for rent to the research teams. We also have two 4x4 trucks for those research teams that requested a vehicle and had that approved as part of their proposal discussions with the Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems (CCE) Office or NASA Headquarters.

The office can provide certain field gear on a sign-out basis. Items such as emergency vehicle bags, satellite phones, GPS, soil moisture probes, permafrost probes, first aid kits, chainsaw, camping gear etc. are available. View more details on available field equipment HERE.

The Fairbanks Logistics Office can also assist with a wide array of other logistics, infrastructure, and safety needs. Contact if you need assistance with anything else. This email is used to contact the entire safety and logistics support team to ensure timely responses.

Physical and Mailing Address:
ABoVE Logistics Office
2367 University Ave S
Fairbanks, AK 99709

Field Contact:
Logistics Coordinator: Sarah Sackett
Office: (240) 542-8171 
Cell: (907) 687-6766