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Data Products

Referenced on page A.4-7 in NASA Research Announcement for Terrestrial Ecology: Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment - Phase 3 NNH21ZDA001N-TE

These products are created by ABoVE Science team members as part of the research for ABoVE. All ABoVE data products can be searched through this website, and within each product you can find links to locate data that have already been made public or which have been archived.

Status Description (Find “Status” as an option on the Filter or Search tabs)
  • Planned: Products investigators are currently working on or intend to work on during their funded research.
  • Preliminary: Products investigators have developed and have released as draft or “beta” versions, likely only to a small community of researchers.
  • Public: Products investigators have created and released to the public, although not through a designated long-term archive location such as a NASA Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC).
  • Archived: Products that have been published by a long-term archive center such as a NASA Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC).
ABoVE Archived Products
ABoVE metadata and data products, including value-added products and model input and output generated by the program, need to be archived when the data sets are finalized for publication or at the completion of the investigator’s funding. According to the ABoVE Data Policy, most data products generated during ABoVE with NASA funding will be archived at the ORNL DAAC, and cross-referenced with the archive centers of Partner Programs (DOE NGEE-Arctic, Polar Knowledge Canada) where appropriate.
Data From Other Long-Term Research Activities
Many long-term research activities have ongoing and historical data sets which can be found through data portals created and maintained by these activities. A list of many of these data portals can be found here, although this list may not be comprehensive.