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Data Management Life Cycle

Data Workflow

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  1. Data Workflow
    1. Diagram
    2. Step-By-Step Instructions
  2. ABoVE Science Cloud
    1. About the Science Cloud
    2. ABoVE Science Cloud (ASC) Capabilities
    3. Data Products on the ASC
    4. Large Data Sets on the ASC
    5. ASC Setup Instructions
    6. Webinars
    7. FAQ
  3. Data Products
    1. ABoVE Team Data Products
    2. ABoVE Archived Products
    3. Data from Other Long-Term Research Activities
  4. Data Policy
    1. NASA Data Policy
    2. ABoVE Data Policy
  5. Data Management Life Cycle
  6. Standard Projection and Reference Grid
    1. Justification
    2. Standard Projection
    3. Projection Specifications
    4. Reference Grid
    5. Reference Grid Naming Convention
    6. Reference Grid Nesting Scheme and Between Grid Conversion