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AGU Biogeosciences Interactive Series on Safe & Inclusive Fieldwork

Hosted by the AGU Biogeosciences Section Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
If you do field work or mentor people who do, this series is for you (and them)!
You spoke and we listened: Fieldwork presents inherent safety hazards (physical, psychological, and emotional); can be unfamiliar or inaccessible; and can result in situations where you or team members are vulnerable to assault, harassment, or hostile environments and encounters. How to prepare yourself, team, or class for these risks? This virtual series will offer you resources and guidance to prepare for safety, respond to issues, and help others.

Event 1: AGU Frontiers in Safe and Inclusive Fieldwork

A conversation with AGU President Susan Lozier and AGU Senior Vice President Billy Williams. Share your questions, concerns, and requests with our panel, and use real-time polling to guide future series content. Moderated by B-Section President Margaret Torn.


Event 2: Program Manager Perspectives on Safety and Safety Planning

Why should all PIs care about safety planning?
How and why is safety a growing consideration in project management and evaluation? Panel with Program Managers Renee Crain (NSF), Dan Stover (DOE), and Mike Falkowski (NASA). Moderated by Peter Griffith. WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Event 3: Fieldwork Initiative to Stop Sexualized Trauma

Informative training session regarding the prevention, awareness, support and reporting of sexual harassment and trauma in field research settings. Provided in collaboration with The Fieldwork Initiative. Further details about the training are available here (PDF). This event was not recorded.


Event 4: Ameriflux Fieldwork Safety Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The AmeriFlux-DEI committee is developing resources that include the physical and psychological safety aspects of fieldwork that site teams can adapt to their unique needs. The template aims to support new and existing teams to establish and improve field safety guidance and planning while also helping to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace environment. Join us to learn about the many links between field safety and DEI, discuss real scenarios, and customize our resources to your team's needs. WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Event 5: Tabletop Scenarios: Raise awareness and exchange ideas about real-life situations that may occur in the field.

Because we broadly define safety to include physical, emotional and psychological aspects of our lives as scientists, it is important that we consider our response in an equally broad array of possible circumstances. Therefore, we invite you to participate in a series of tabletop “What would you do?” exercises. You will be joined in this activity by others from the AGU-B community to discuss real-life scenarios, raise your situational awareness and assess your level of preparedness. These exercises are intended to start respectful conversations and exchange of ideas among your colleagues. WATCH ON YOUTUBE (Only the introduction was recorded. The breakouts were not recorded.)