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Project Profiles

What are Project Profiles? Project Profiles contain metadata about each ABoVE project and are publicly available on the ABoVE website. Project metadata can be a valuable resource to you, the ABoVE Science Team, program managers, and other researchers. Project Profiles are a work in progress throughout the span of a project's funding duration, with the goal of facilitating access to project metadata that will assist in planning, encourage collaboration, and report results in the form of products and publications.

Where can I find the Project Profiles? View Projects under the "Science Team" section of the ABoVE Website. A "Search" option is also available.

How can Project Profiles be updated?

  • Project Leads have access to edit their project profiles. In addition, a project lead can authorize additional editors by sending the editor's name and project title to Support.
  • A web-based "Project Profile Update Tool" is available after Sign In to your ABoVE website account. Select "Update your Project Profiles and Hazard Assessment" on your "My Account".
  • The "Project Profile Update Tool" contains the following sections.
    • Project Details: project title, project website, ABoVE tier-2 science questions and objectives, fieldwork plans and proposed schedule
    • Participants: current project participants, including non-NASA funded Collaborators
    • Sites/Measurements: collects locations (kml files), measurement types, and timeframe for planned fieldwork "data collection events" of a project.
    • Abstract: The abstract from your original proposal has been pre-populated, which may need to be updated to reflect what you are actually planning to do.
    • Publications: citations of publications directly resulting from your ABoVE funded research.
    • Products: collects product metadata for in-progress, available and archived data products. Metadata includes associated science theme(s), temporal information, spatial information, and availability/access information. Users may also link "data collection events" entered for your project. This will allow the measurement types, timing, and spatial information of your data collection event(s) to become part of the metadata for this product. Users may also upload preliminary field data files or relevant photos/supporting documents which are not yet ready for archive, but would like to be shared with the ABoVE Science Team.
    • Hazards: Project Leads managing NASA funded ABoVE Projects doing fieldwork are required to complete a Hazards Assessment. All ABoVE participants who are funded by NASA must adhere to both the NASA safety procedures and OSHA federal law that requires an assessment of the hazards of your field work and to mitigate against those hazards. The Hazard Assessment will generate individual safety training plans for project participants. The individual safety training plans link to training opportunities and document completed training. See Hazards / Safety Training for more details.