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Materials (logos, figures, etc.) specific to ABoVE:

Resource packet for ABoVE participants on relationship building, engagement, and science communication:

NASA-produced content (posts, videos) related to ABoVE activities:

Media coverage of ABoVE:

  • Media Coverage

  • Journalists interested in ABoVE can contact:

    Jacob Richmond (he/him)
    Earth Science Communications Manager
    NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

    There are opportunities to fly along on some research flights. Please reach out with as much lead time as possible.

General Earth Science Outreach Programs:

  • GLOBE Program
    Through interdisciplinary activities and inquiries into the various Earth spheres, GLOBE gives students a hands-on approach to the scientific method. Our protocols are developed by the scientific community and validated by teachers, so you can be sure our lesson objectives are scientifically verified.

    GLOBE also works to build a collaborative, worldwide community of students, teachers, scientists and citizens to conduct real-world research. Through the data collected by our community members, researchers gain invaluable insight into local environments around the globe and more of the world is able to significantly contribute to scientific discovery.

  • Earth to Sky
    The Earth to Sky Partnership nurtures and supports a growing community of interpreters, educators and scientists learning and sharing science and communication techniques.

    Our community of practice develops interpretive and educational products and programs for use in refuges, parks and other sites of place-based education.

    Membership is free and provides access to our professional development events, archives, and valuable resources for effective science communication.