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Session Announcement ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019: A2.01 Observing Permafrost State and Dynamics from Space

The abstract submission for the forthcoming ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019 (Milan, Italy, 13-17 May) is now open.

We are encouraging submissions to session A2.01 Observing Permafrost State and Dynamics from Space.

Session description:
A better understanding of the dynamics of permafrost landscapes is critical to project impacts of global warming in high latitude and mountain regions on infrastructure, ecosystems, hydrology, and global carbon cycling. While there are still many challenges, a wide range of remote sensing techniques now provides spatially and temporally consistent data to observe the state and change of permafrost directly or indirectly. Increasingly, regional- to global-scale numerical modeling of permafrost also relies on input parameters delivered by remotely sensing systems. We here solicit contributions of studies demonstrating the use of space-borne Earth Observation techniques for characterizing permafrost state and dynamics. Studies on all spatial and temporal scales are welcome. Research that showcases integration of space-borne datasets with airborne and/or field-based measurements from permafrost regions for validation or with numerical modeling is of particular interest for this session.

Conveners: Guido Grosse (AWI), Annett Bartsch (b.geos), Sebastian Westermann (U Oslo)

The abstract submission portal for the ESA LPS 2019 can be found here:

The strict deadline to submit abstracts is the 11 November 2018.


More information about the event is available at