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ABoVE Fire Working Group Mini-Symposium- September 19th

When: June 19th, 2016, 12pm-3pm Eastern time

The ABoVE Fire Disturbance Working Group is hosting a mini-symposium on their field work this past summer. The WG has decided to open up this webinar if others would like to attend, so if you are interested in hearing more about their field research, please join via webinar information below.

Joining Information

Step 1: Enter the meeting room >>

Step 2: Choose your audio method (see attached figure) - you may use the phone OR computer speakers:

Option 1. [recommended for U.S. participants] If using the phone, choose the dial out option, enter your telephone number, and receive the incoming call [mute your phone]

Option 2. [recommended for international participants] If using the phone and wishing to dial in instead, call the following number [mute your phone]: 1-844-467-4685; Passcode: 968797

Option 3. If using computer speakers, make sure they are not muted and that you have access to a reliable Internet connection. If you choose “Listen Only” your microphone will be disabled.

*International Participants:*
Please dial the number for your country of origin found here
Passcode: 968797**