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Yukon-focus Webinars

This occasional webinar series is a venue to share data and information about ABoVE research with the broader community, and for all to learn about other research and activities in the territory/region.

Contact Libby Larson if you would like to volunteer to present or have questions.

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Recorded Presentations
Time: 2pm ET
  1. Topic: Mapping above-ground biomass of tundra ecosystem plant functional types using unmanned aerial vehicles
    Presenter: Kathleen Orndahl, Northern Arizona University
  2. Topic: The CariView Experience: using GPS video-camera collars to better understand foraging ecology and summer diets of barrenground caribou
    Presenter: Libby Ehlers, University of Montana
Recorded Presentations
  1. Topic: Drone data from Qikiqtaruk reveal heterogeneity in tundra greenness not captured by satellites
    Presenter: Jakob Assmann, Aarhus University
  2. Topic: Cross-scale research captures Arctic greening in the Yukon Arctic
    Presenter: Isla Myers-Smith, University of Edinburgh
Recorded Presentations
  1. Topic: Three decades of integrated Catchment Science in Yukon Territory
    Presenter: Sean Carey, Professor
    School of Earth, Environment & Society, McMaster University, Canada
  2. Topic: Impact of Boreal and Tundra PM Fire Emissions on Air Quality in the Yukon 2001-2019
    Presenter: Tatiana Loboda, Professor University of Maryland
Recorded Presentations
  1. Topic: Airborne lidar for NASA's ABoVE campaigns: coverage and uses
    Presenter: Dr. Paul Montesano, Research Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
  2. Topic: Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness and Soil Moisture In Canada
    Presenter: Dr. Kevin Schaefer, National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado
Recorded Presentations
  1. Topic: Mapping waterfowl habitat using remote sensing of wetland type and seasonal inundation dynamics
    Presenter: Nancy French, Liza Jenkins, Michael Battaglia from Michigan Tech Research Institute and Michael Merchant, Kevin Smith of Ducks Unlimited Canada
  2. Topic: An object-based wetland classification for the Dawson Planning Region, Yukon
    Presenter:  Rebecca Warren and Jamie Kenyon, Ducks Unlimited Canada
Recorded Presentations
  1. Topic: Integrating AVIRIS-NG and unoccupied aerial vehicles for evaluating impacts of disturbance on lake and river biogeochemistry
    Presenter: Kevin Turner, Associate Professor, Brock University
  2. Topic: The consequences of permafrost thaw on soil moisture and hydrology: what can we learn from long term monitoring and ecosystem models?
    Presenter:  Hélène Genet, Assistant Professor, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  1. Topic: Continental and regional patterns in caribou resource selection in response to forest fire
    Presenter: Eric Palm, PhD Student working with Mark Hebblewhite on the ABoVE Project "Animals on the Move"
    Presentation: Download PPTX
  2. Topic: Introducing the Priority Place Initiative — Yukon South Beringia
    Presenter: Paula Pacholek, Senior Policy Analyst, Northern Region (Whitehorse), Canadian Wildlife Service, ECC
    Presentation: View PDF
Topic: Finding, Downloading, and Using NASA ABoVE data products in the Yukon Territory
  • Dr. Peter Griffith, Chief Support Scientist
  • Dr. Liz Hoy, Senior Support Scientist