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NASA's Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment


NASA Research Announcement - Important Information

The Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences for 2018 (ROSES—2018) NASA Research Announcement (NRA) is soliciting research for Terrestrial Ecology: Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment – Phase 2
Solicitation: NNH18ZDA001N-TE
Notice of Intent Due: June 18, 2018
Proposal Due: September 7, 2018

  • Concise Experiment Plan   (solicitation page A.4-4)
    The Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) Science Definition Team has completed the ABoVE Concise Experiment Plan. This report refines the science questions and rationale for ABoVE, poses a next tier of science questions, and lays out a top-level study design.
  • Implementation Plan  (solicitation page A.4-15)
    This Implementation Plan for ABoVE puts forward a framework for studying the vulnerability and resilience of arctic and boreal ecosystems through a series of interconnected, theme-based science questions that together address a key set of cross-cutting science objectives.
  • Collaborators: Interagency & International Partnerships  (solicitation page A.4-8)
    Numerous organizations are engaged in research and monitoring activities within the ABoVE Study Domain. Investigators preparing proposals for ABoVE may wish to consider developing synergistic research collaborations with investigations sponsored by these organizations.
  • ABoVE Projects   (solicitation page A.4-5)
    ABoVE Projects listed by theme with links to the Project Profiles, which contain details about participants, measurement strategies, data products, and publications.
  • Field Data Products
    Data products from research sponsored by NASA as part of ABoVE; from partner projects sponsored by DOE NGEE-Arctic and Polar Knowledge Canada; and other affiliated projects.
  • Airborne Science 2017 (solicitation page A.4-8)
    An overview of ABoVE airborne campaign data acquisitions and flightlines
  • ABoVE Science Cloud   (solicitation page A.4-6)
    The ABoVE Science Cloud combines high performance computing with emerging technologies and data management with tools for analyzing and processing geographic information.
  • Project Data Management Plan Requirements  (solicitation page A.4-20)
    The Data Management Plan (DMP) for an ABoVE proposal is a short document that describes (1) the investigator’s commitment to the ABoVE Data Policy and (2) how the investigator plans to manage the data generated by the proposed research during and after the project.
  • Research and Logistics Support Organizations 
    There are several organizations in the ABoVE study domain that may provide fee-for-service logistical support (e.g., permitting, site access, accommodations, field equipment, vehicles, etc.) for researchers.
  • Geographical Focus 
    The ABoVE Science Definition Team (SDT) identified 15 conceptual Research Areas within the Study Domain that offer the range of environmental conditions necessary to address most of the research questions and objectives for ABoVE.
  • Organizational Structure & Contacts  (solicitation page A.4-5)
    Includes contacts who can provide additional information on ABoVE and/or guidance on the preparation and submission of proposals.