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Latest: January 2021
ABoVE Science Team Meetings in 2021
  1. Please plan on a virtual meeting held during the week of May 10. Our current notion is to have sessions on Tuesday and Thursday of that week where the focus will be on plans for the field season and airborne remote sensing; partner presentations; Working Group updates; and the ongoing Synthesis Activities. We should also be able to accommodate early-career poster walks and maybe a social hour or two.

  2. We are also considering an in-person ABoVE Science Team Meeting and Research to Operations Workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska, sometime in late September or early October.
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Call For Papers

Environmental Research Letters™ has an on-going focus issue, “Resiliency and Vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems to Environmental Change: Advances and Outcomes of ABoVE (the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment)”, which is open for submissions (invited or otherwise) from any ABoVE science team contributor, or any other contributor if they consider their article to meet the requirements listed on the link below. This collection addresses the influence and impact of environmental changes, including climate change, taking place across the high northern latitudes and their influence on Arctic and boreal ecosystems.

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