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  • Abstract submission for ForestSAT 2018 is open until 15 April 2018!
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  • NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) announces the release of its annual omnibus solicitation for basic and applied research, Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES) 2018. >> 

    NOTICE: NASA plans to offer the Terrestrial Ecology program element in ROSES-2018, but for now the due dates are listed as To Be Determined (TBD). The final Notices of Intent (NOIs) and proposal due dates for this program element will be released as a ROSES-2018 amendment no less than 90 days in advance of the proposal due date. >>
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    Updated: October 16, 2017
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Call For Papers

Environmental Research Letters™ is delighted to announce that its Focus on Resiliency and Vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems to Environmental Change: Advances and Outcomes of ABoVE (the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment), edited by Scott Goetz, Natalie Boelman, Abhishek Chatterjee, Roisin Commane, Joshua Fisher, Peter Griffith, Mike Goulden, John Kimball, Tatiana Loboda, Michelle Mack, Charles Miller, Sue Natali, Christopher Neigh, Brendan Rogers, Merrit Turetsky and Jennifer Watts, is now open for submissions. This on-going focus collection will address the influence and impact of environmental changes, including climate change, taking place across the high northern latitudes and their influence on Arctic and boreal ecosystems.

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This is an on-going collection of articles, and it is open for submissions (invited or otherwise) from any ABoVE science team contributor, or any other contributor if they consider their article to meet the requirements listed on the link above.

Call Manuscripts

Special Issue in the journal Remote Sensing on “Remote Sensing of Dynamic Permafrost Regions”.

Soliciting manuscripts that use the multitude of remote sensing platforms and sensors available for describing permafrost region characteristics and dynamics. We welcome submissions that focus on multiple spatial and temporal scales as well as the integration of permafrost region field studies with remotely sensed data. We are particularly interested in submissions that deal with ice-rich permafrost landscapes and quantification of thermokarst and thaw-related landscape dynamics. Contributions that demonstrate the development of new techniques, data products, and/or highlight the challenges of remote sensing in permafrost regions are also encouraged.

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EXTENDED! Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 June 2018