banner image with 4th Above Science Team Meeting
banner image with 4th Above Science Team Meeting
Final Agenda
Time Title– (Location) Presenter
09:00 Introduction – Plenary (Courtyard Ballroom) Peter Griffith & Scott Goetz
09:15 Permafrost Ted Schuur
09:45 Overview of 2017 Field Campaign Chip Miller
10:00 Airborne Instrument & Science Team Speed Talks
L-Band, P-Band, AVIRIS, LVIS, Methane Chip Miller
ArctiCAP Colm Sweeney
ASCENDS Jim Abshire
ATom Roisin Commane
CFIS Darren Drwery
Break (15 min)
Causes and consequences of arctic greening: the importance of plant functional types Fred Huemmrich
Estimation of Belowground Biomass and Permafrost Active Layer Properties Using Radar and Lidar Measurements Alireza Tabatabaeenejad
Quantification of thermokarst and carbon release in ice-rich permafrost regions Go Iwahana
The Airborne InSAR and PolSAR Permafrost Dynamics Observatory Kevin Schaefer
AirSWOT Tamlin Pavelsky
11:30 Discussion
12:00 Lunch
1:15 Parallel Sessions:

  • ICE-Sat2 mission -(North)
    Amy Neuenschwander
  • WRF-STILT Transport Modeling: An Introduction to a library of transport footprints and high-resolution meteorological fields –(South)
    John Henderson
    Animation demonstrating three-dimensional particle motions toward observation location driven by high-resolution meteorological fields and concept of gridded concentration (transport) footprint field
  • ABoVE Science Cloud Hands-on Workshop–(East)
2:00 Charge to Field Campaign Breakouts – Plenary (Courtyard Ballroom)
2:15 Breakout groups
  • ALL SAR Working Groups–(Municipal/Superior)
    - Radar Aboveground Woody Biomass
    - ALT & Soil moisture at depth (SAR WG1)
    - Wetlands & surface soil moisture (SAR WG2)
  • Vegetation & photosynthesis— AVIRIS, LVIS, SIF
  • Atmospheric concentrations & fluxes
  • Lake and River elevation—AirSWOT, SAR, LVIS
4:30 Poster Session
7:00 Mixer w/ Students & Postdocs @ Flatstick Pub, 240 2nd Ave S
Directions (13 min walk)
Time Title– (Location) Presenter
08:30 Update from HQ—Plenary (Courtyard Ballroom) Hank Margolis & Kathy Hibbard
08:45 Perspectives on ABoVE Eric Kasischke
09:00 Breakout Session Reports (Field Campaign Syntheses)
09:30 Hydrology Rob Striegl/David Butman
10:00 Break
10:15 Hydrology-Permafrost WG John Kimball
10:30 Veg Dynamics WG Mike Goulden
10:45 Wildlife WG Natalie Boelman
11:00 Carbon Dynamics WG Roisin Commane
11:15 AK Fire Science Consortium Randi Jandt
11:30 Discussion
12:00 Lunch
1:15 Session:

  • Data workflow for synthesis, analysis, and archiving (Plenary - Courtyard Ballroom)
    Alison Boyer, Elizabeth Hoy, Peter Griffith
2:00 Charge to Thematic Breakouts – Plenary (Courtyard Ballroom)
2:15 Breakout Groups
4:30 Group Photo
4:45 Poster Session
6:30 Adjourn
Time Title– (Location) Presenter
08:30 Carbon Ralph Keeling
09:00 Disturbance Michelle Mack
09:30 Breakout Session Reports (Thematic WG Syntheses)
10:00 Break
10:15 NGEE Arctic Shawn Serbin
10:30 Polar Knowledge Canada Adam Houben
10:45 Global Water Futures Merritt Turetsky
11:00 NRCan / CFS Jason Edwards
11:15 NWT research Andrew Applejohn
11:30 Discussion
12:00 Lunch
1:15 Parallel Sessions:

2:00 Charge to Cross-cutting Breakouts – Plenary (Courtyard Ballroom)
2:15 Breakout groups
4:30 Poster Session
6:15 Adjourn
Time Title– (Location) Presenter
08:30 Modeling & Synthesis Josh Fisher
09:00 Breakout Session Reports (Cross-Cutting Syntheses)
09:30 Discussion-Synthesis Activities
09:45 Data Management to Facilitate Synthesis Peter Griffith
10:00 Break
10:15 Stakeholder Engagement and Applications Readiness Libby Larson
10:30 Logistics, Safety, Field Support Sarah Sackett
Leanne Kendig
10:45 Discussion- Next Steps
11:15 Perspectives, future opportunities, wrap-up Leadership Group
12:00 Adjourn
1:00 Leadership Group + Org. Committee (Adjourn at ~3pm)