Safety is part of the campaign culture we operate from. You have permission and an invitation to be safe. Please help us!

| Required Training |

BEFORE Arrival

  • Review the ABoVE Safety Training Plan
  • View Orientation Video
  • View Bear Safety Video (optional)
  • Basic First Aid w/CPR Certification
  • Field Site (Toolik) Specific Trainings
  • Snow Machine Training
    • Inexperienced – in person
    • Experienced – online
    • Certified – send in certificate to
Notes: If you haven’t accessed your ABoVE Safety Training Plan yet, please do so now!

AFTER Arrival

  • Snowmachine Orientation
  • Wildlife Safety
  • SnowEx Emergency Plan
  • Emergency Kit Reviews
  • Loading snowmachines/trailer safety
  • Reporting procedures
  • InReach/Sat phone operation
  • Site orientations
Notes: If you haven’t accessed the Safety Plan and Operations Handbook yet, please do so now!


Campaign Provided

  • All Scientific Equipment
  • (2) Emergency Burritos - Sleeping bag, stove and pot, firestarter, compass, whistle, headlamp, candle, tape, socks, gloves, first aid kit, MREs, leatherman, handwarmers
  • Satellite Communication Devices: InReach Devices - assigned to site leads
  • Toolik will provide additional safety equipment, i.e., vehicle safety and satellite phone

Participant Provided

Under Layer
  • Base layers (wicking) x3+
  • Sock liners (personal preference on use and how many)
  • Glove liners (personal preference on use and how many)
Insulating Layer
  • Insulating layers (fleece or wool, 1 light layer and 1 medium weight layer) x2+
  • Puffy (down or synthetic) coats x1
  • Puffy (down or synthetic) pants (full or 3⁄4 length depending on bibs and boots)
Outer Layer
  • Windproof layer x1 (Goretex or Gore Windstopper equivalent to be worn over parka and bibs if no windproof shell is included on parka and bibs - great option if you use puffy pants)
  • Parka with hood x1
  • Snowbibs (either really warm or warm with room for extra layers underneath) x1
  • Hats for warmth (one light or medium weight, and one heavy for sitting or riding) x2
  • Ball cap/sun hat x1
  • Buff/Neck gaiter x2
  • No Fog
  • Ball cap/sun hat x1
  • Buff/Neck gaiter x2
  • Balaclava (1 light and 1 thick) x2
  • Sunglasses
  • Goggles
  • Snowmachine Helmet
  • Warm, water resistant gloves (2 light pairs and 2 warm - that you can work in) x4
  • Mittens - extra warm that may or may not fit over your gloves but still allow you to operate snowmachine x1
  • Snowbibs (either really warm or warm with room for extra layers underneath) x1
  • Bunny boots or -40F equivalent winter boots x1 (extra pair of liners if removable)
  • Boot gaiters x1 pair with underfoot adjustable strap
  • Wool or synthetic socks - plus extra
  • Lounge clothes - warm
  • Comfortable camp shoes - warm
  • Sunscreen and lip protection - snow burn is real
  • Insurance cards
  • Prescription drugs
  • Glasses/Contacts
  • Toiletries
  • Headlamp
  • Insulated water bottle (keeps water from freezing)
  • Thermos for hot beverages
  • Backpack/Waterproof Duffle (day pack for gear, lunch, equipment, extra layers, etc.) x2 (or one of each)
Notes: Skis/snowshoes will be discussed during site specific calls.

For more detailed information refer to the Safety Plan and Ops Handbook : 6. Personal Information, Packing, and Gear Selection