October Campaign Planning Underway

  • North Slope - October 16-21
  • Fairbanks - October 22-29

Local SnowEx Prep Meetings

  • October 4 - ABoVE Office
  • October 12 - ABoVE Office


Past Meetings

October 2nd - Planning Call
April 20th - Community Call Agenda
Jan 19th - Fairbanks Participants RecordingPowerPoint
Jan 17th - North Slope ParticipantsRecordingPowerPoint
Jan 5th - All ParticipantsRecordingPowerPoint


64.84˚ / -147.72˚


64.74˚ / -148.31˚


65.15˚ / -147.49˚


68.64˚ / -149.59˚


70.21˚ / -148.51˚

Delta Junction

64.04˚ / -145.73˚

COVID Protocols

Taiga Center
  • Mask in the Operations Center for first 3 days
  • Work and eat in “pods” based on site assignments
  • Test every day for first 5 days
  • Test in the morning of departures
  • Masking will be required in general use areas
  • Medivac insurance is required. One year membership is $125, no other insurance required

Code of Conduct

SnowEx leadership and the THP Office are committed to providing safe, welcoming, and productive environments in the field and the lab, and at meetings and conferences, and have adopted the Geophysical Union Scientific Code of Conduct). The AGU Code of Conduct "rejects discrimination and harassment by any means, based on factors such as ethnic or national origin, race, religion, citizenship, language, political or other opinion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, age, or economic class."

In addition, we created this Code of Conduct specific to SnowEx because field work is distinct from office work. Safe and productive field work is our aim, and this aim necessitates a team that considers and respects its members. This document describes the needs and values that we hope will make this effort safe and productive for all teammates.

Participation in this field campaign is an agreement to this Code of Conduct. Please download and sign to acknowledge that you have read and understood this document.