2017 ABoVE Science Team Meeting
ABoVE Airborne Campaign Planning Workshop & Science Team Meeting
Boulder, CO
January 17-20, 2017

    A total of 102 researchers from the ABoVE Science Team met in Boulder, Colorado to plan for the 2017 ABoVE Airborne Campaign (AAC), including finalizing plans for collection of airborne remote sensing data and coordinating field-based research. By prioritizing the flight paths for the seven airborne remote sensing systems that will be part of the AAC in areas where substantial changes in seasonal permafrost thaw and thermokarst are occurring (based on field measurements), we expect to be able to capture “hotspots” in the airborne CO2 and CH4 concentration measurements (fluxes). The vegetation dynamics in these areas will also be captured by the 2 airborne science projects focused on vegetation composition and productivity. Presentations by the different ABoVE Science Team working groups during this meeting demonstrated substantial progress during ABoVE’s first field season. Finally, presentations on a number of new projects that have recently been added to ABoVE, particularly from researchers sponsored by Canadian agencies, provide the opportunity for important expansion of ABoVE research during its second year.