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Data Policy and Management – Data management is an important part of any NASA field campaign. Investigators are required to submit a Data Management Plan that addresses the dissemination and sharing of their research results. In this section, the long-term archive of data for ABoVE is described and the contents of an investigator’s Data Management Plan are outlined.

ABoVE Science Cloud – The ABoVE Science Cloud (ASC) combines high performance computing with emerging technologies and data management with tools for analyzing and processing geographic information to create an environment specifically designed for large-scale modeling, analysis of remote sensing data, copious disk storage for “big data” with integrated data management, and integration of core variables from in-situ networks.  The ASC is a collaboration that accelerates the pace of new Arctic science for researchers participating in the field campaign. Furthermore, by using the ASC as a shared and centralized resource, researchers reduce costs for their proposed work, making proposed research more competitive.
To see details on the Science Cloud setup process, click here.

Project Data Products –
In this section are web pages showing:

  • Archived Products at the NASA ORNL DAAC >>
  • Products in development or available for use cataloged in the ABoVE project profiles >>

Geospatial Gallery – Web maps developed for the ABoVE Concise Experiment Plan (ACEP) can be viewed through an interactive web mapping platform, provided through ArcGIS Online. The different datasets used to create the web maps are available as web services and can be accessed through the ABoVE Groups page.