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Northwest Canada Consultations-Whitehorse May 2016

     Agenda [PDF]

9:00 Welcome and Introductions
Government of Yukon Science Strategy
Pan Northern Approach to Science
Aynslie Ogden  
9:05 Review of NASA’s activities in Yukon Peter Griffith /Chip Miller /Eric Kasischke PDF
9:25 POLAR Integrated Research and Monitoring Plans Mike Gill PDF
9:45 Yukon First Nations Primer Bob van Dijken, CYFN PDF
10:05 Canadian Forest Service Research and Monitoring Planned Activities Jason Edwards PDF
10:40 Roundtable Workshop Michael Schmidt-USArray
Sean Carey- CCRN PDF
Richard Janowicz-Water Resources of Yukon Department of Environment PDF
Antoni Lewkowicz-University of Ottawa PDF
Kevin Turner- Brock University PDF
Kristie Simpson- Government of Yukon PDF
Nadele Flynn - Government of Yukon PDF
Robin Sharples - Government of Yukon PDF
Mike Suitor - Government of Yukon PDF
Sharon Smith- Natural Resources Canada PDF
Ryan Danby- Queen's University PDF
Sean Carey- CCRN & McMaster University PDF
Bronwyn Benkert- Yukon Research Center, Yukon College PDF
Paula Pacholek- Canadian Wildlife Service PDF
1:15 NASA’s 2016 solicitation for Airborne Science Chip Miller PDF