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Northwest Canada Consultations- Edmonton May 2016

     Agenda [PDF]

Overview- Canadian Forest Service Research Activities relevant to ABoVE Elizabeth Campbell PDF
Project Title Project Lead  
National Forest Inventory Graham Stinson PDF
High Elevation and High Latitude Forest Health in a Changing Climate Jason Edwards PDF
Integrated Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of High Elevation and High Latitude Forests and Forest Management Jason Edwards PDF
Interdisciplinary assessment of drought interactions with forest health, growth and mortality under a changing climate Ted Hogg PDF
Canadian National Vegetation Classification (CNVC) – vegetation zones map Ken Baldwin PDF
Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping (CBVM) Bill Meades PDF
Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data for Forest Inventory in the NWT Ron Hall PDF
Multi-Source Vegetation Inventory: Integrating Remote Sensing and Field Data for Forest Inventory in the Northern Boreal Ron Hall PDF
National Forest Carbon Monitoring Accounting and Reporting System (NFCMARS): Science, Synthesis and Reporting Werner Kurz PDF
Spruce resilience to abiotic stresses correlative of climate change Nathalie Isabel PDF
Impacts of climate change on heart rot of aspen caused by Phellinus tremulae Tod Ramsfield PDF
National tree-ring database to inform projections of Canada’s present and future forest growth Girardin Martin PDF
Thermal IR Remote Sensing Applications for Characterizing Wildfires to measure Real-Time Behavior and Estimating Carbon Emissions from Wildfires Tim Lynham PDF