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ABoVE Projects - added since May 2018

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5 Projects added since May 2018    
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Fire Disturbance
Veraverbeke, Sander: Fires Pushing Trees North -- Veraverbeke (2018) >> 2018 NWO
Permafrost and Hydrology
Hajnsek, Irena: Permafrost Airborne SAR Experiment– PERMASAR -- Hajnsek (DLR 2018) >> 2018 DLR
Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution
Watts, Jennifer: Integrating Remote Sensing and Field Measurements to Identify Environmental Nonstationarity on Interior Alaska DoD Training Lands -- Watts (2018) >> 2018 SERDP
Carbon Dynamics
Parazoo, Nicholas (Nick): Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Soil Moisture Observations to Characterize Terrestrial Vegetation Photosynthesis and Biosphere Carbon Uptake in North America -- Parazoo (IDS 2016) >> 2018 NASA
Watts, Jennifer: Reconciling Carbon Flux Budgets in Alaska and northwest Canada through Integrated Satellite, Airborne, and Field Measurements -- Watts (NIP 2017) >> 2018 NASA