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ABoVE Projects Added in 2020

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-- 10 Projects added in 2020    
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Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
Wilcock, Ronni: Development of an Integrated Climate Resiliency Index - ICRI -- Wilcock (NSF 2020) >> 2020 NSF
Zolkos, Scott: Short- and long-term effects of wildfire and permafrost thaw on mercury cycling and bioavailability across a major northern river delta landscape -- Zolkos (NSF 2020) >> 2020 NSF
Permafrost and Hydrology
Rawlins, Michael: Merging Satellite Data and Models to Investigate Soil Freeze-Thaw Dynamics Influencing Terrestrial Water and Carbon Exports from the Western Arctic -- Rawlins (RSWQ 2017) >> 2020 NASA
Seifert, Frank: CCI Permafrost -- Seifert (ESA 2018) >> 2021 ESA
Lichstein, Jeremy 
Webb, Elizabeth
: Vegetation dynamics as drivers of albedo change in northern high latitude ecosystems -- Webb (FINESST 2019) >>
2020 NASA
Webb (FINESST): Mapping retrogressive thaw slumps across the permafrost zone -- Webb (FINESST) >> 2020 NASA
Chen, Jingyi (Ann) 
Wu, Yue (Sophy)
: Monitoring Soil Water and Organic Carbon Storage Patterns at the Arctic Foothills, Alaska, using InSAR -- Wu-Y (FINESST 2019) >>
2020 NASA
Carbon Dynamics
Eitel, Jan 
Maguire, Andrew (Andy)
: Toward an improved understanding of the mechanisms driving solar induced chlorophyll fluorescence across the structurally complex forest-tundra ecotone -- Maguire (FINESST 2019) >>
2020 NASA
Natali, Susan (Sue) 
Rogers, Brendan 
Watts, Jennifer
: The Arctic Carbon Monitoring and Prediction System -- Natali (GBMF 2019) >>
Sun, Xiaoli: Comparing ABoVE/ASCENDS airborne lidar measurements of XCO2 to those from atmospheric models & satellites -- Sun (2020) >> 2020 NASA