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Thematic WGs
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Carbon Dynamics Members >> join excel
The Carbon Dynamics Working Group (CDWG) brings together observationalists, modelers and data scientists to document, study and understand rapid large-scale changes to the carbon cycle in the ABoVE Study Region. CDWG projects span scales from plot-level studies that provide process-level understanding of relevant drivers of carbon cycling to regional-scale measurements from airborne, tall towers, and spaceborne platforms. In addition, the majority of CDWG projects are highly interdisciplinary in nature - CDWG group members work closely with members from other thematic WGs to tackle one of the overarching science questions underpinning the ABoVE campaign - How are the magnitudes, fates, and land-atmosphere exchanges of carbon pools responding to environmental change, and what are the biogeochemical mechanisms driving these changes? >>
Ecosystem Services & Co-production Members >> join excel
The Ecosystem Services and Co-Production Working Group is focused on assessing how observed and projected environmental changes across the ABoVE study region my influence the delivery of ecosystem services to local, regional, and global stakeholders. We will be collaborating with NASA ABoVE project teams that are interested in how their research and findings can advance knowledge regarding social, economic, and cultural service dynamics in Arctic and boreal systems. We are particularly interested in facilitating the use of ABoVE products by stakeholders to inform policy and management decisions that sustain and/or enhance ecosystem services in the future; in this vein, our working group intends to interact with stakeholders to engender knowledge co-production regarding ecosystem processes within the region. >>
Ecosystem Services & Co-production Members:
  • Brinkman, Todd -- University of Alaska, Fairbanks (Chair)
  • Lutz, David -- Dartmouth College (Co-Chair)
  • Alcaraz-Segura, Domingo -- University of Granada
  • Boelman, Natalie -- Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia Univ.
  • Bohrer, Gil -- Ohio State University
  • Castro, Antonio -- University of Almeria
  • Chen, Wenjun -- Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
  • Clark, Karin -- GNWT, ENR, Wildlife Unit
  • Cold, Helen -- University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • Cosgrove, Christopher -- Oregon State University
  • de Jong, Tyler -- McMaster University
  • Deegan, Linda -- Marine Biological Laboratory
  • Fienup-Riordan, Ann -- Calista Education and Culture, Inc.
  • Frost, Gerald (JJ) -- Alaska Biological Research, Inc.--Environmental Research & Services
  • Goetz, Scott -- Northern Arizona University
  • Griffith, Peter -- NASA GSFC
  • Gurarie, Eliezer (Elie) -- University of Maryland
  • Hebblewhite, Mark -- University of Montana
  • Houben, Adam -- Polar Knowledge Canada
  • Kimball, John -- University of Montana
  • Kirchner, Peter -- National Park Service
  • LaPoint, Scott -- Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia Univ.
  • Macander, Matthew -- Alaska Biological Research, Inc.--Environmental Research & Services
  • McCaffery, Brian -- Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Meddens, Arjan -- Washington State University
  • Miller, Charles (Chip) -- NASA JPL
  • Myers, Brit -- Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS)
  • Oliver, Ruth -- Columbia University
  • Potter, Christopher -- NASA ARC
  • Prugh, Laura -- University Of Washington
  • Sowl, Kristine -- USFWS Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge
  • Stofferahn, Eric -- Jet Propulsion Laboratory / Caltech
  • Tape, Kenneth (Ken) -- University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • Uhelski, Dominic -- Michigan Technological University
  • Vargas Zesati, Sergio -- University of Texas at El Paso
  • Vierling, Lee -- University of Idaho
  • Welker, Jeffrey -- University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Woodcock, Curtis -- Boston University
Fire and Insect Disturbance Members >> join excel
The Fire & Insect Disturbance Working Group's purpose is to coordinate, collaborate and understand the research planned and ongoing in the ABoVE domain related to wildfire and insect disturbance, the interaction and drivers of these two factors and post-disturbance recovery. This working group strives to synthesize data to understand drivers, regional effects and change and also to identify data and research gaps. >>
Hydrology & Permafrost Members >> join excel
The Hydrology & Permafrost working group seeks to clarify processes controlling Arctic-boreal permafrost conditions and interactions with the water cycle, including the amount, distribution and status of water in the landscape. We also seek to understand the feedbacks and consequences of a changing permafrost and hydrologic regime on the regional flora, fauna, biogeochemistry and ecosystem services. >>
Modeling Framework & Comparisons Members >> join N/A
The Modeling Framework & Comparisons Working Group focuses on linking and synthesizing the various modeling activities across ABoVE, with a focus on terrestrial ecosystems. >>
Snowscapes Members >> join N/A
The Snowscapes Working Group will focus on how spatial and temporal dynamics of snowscape properties - including cover and snowpack characteristics - influence ecosystem dynamics. This will include how snowscape dynamics affect soil active layer development, winter soil respiration, soil-plant-atmosphere carbon exchange, vegetation community dynamics, disturbance regimes, and wildlife habitat and movement.
Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution Members >> join excel
The Vegetation Dynamics Working Group focuses on synthesizing information regarding the changes that we have observed and potentially expect to see with regard to vegetation composition, structure, and function throughout the ABoVE geographic domain, as well as circumpolarly. Prominent components of vegetation change are shrub expansion and treeline advancement, however, these are only a part of the potential dynamics. In assessing vegetation dynamics, we examine the effects climate change, disturbances (e.g. fire, thermokarst), and land use. >>
Vegetation Structure & Function Members >> join N/A
The Vegetation Structure & Function Working Group will discuss, synthesize, and report ABoVE science activities related to the characterization & monitoring of the 3D attributes of shrubs and forest vegetation in the ABoVE study domain. The WG will also summarize ABoVE findings related to the implications of the current state of, and changes to, vegetation structure on ABoVE dynamics.

Airborne WGs
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of WG Projects
Airborne Daily Members >> join N/A
GMAO Weather Members >> join N/A
Airborne Data Members >> join N/A
Airborne Science>> Members >> join excel

Data Products WGs
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of WG Projects
Planet Imagery Evaluation Members >> join N/A
Core Variables & Standards>> Members >> join N/A
Digital Elevation Models Members >> join N/A
Geospatial Products & Standards>> Members >> join N/A
Radar Aboveground Woody Biomass Members >> join N/A
Radar Active Layer-Deep Soil Moisture Members >> join N/A
Radar Wetlands and Surface Soil Moisture Members >> join N/A
The Radar Wetlands and Surface Soil Moisture Working Group's purpose is to coordinate field collection of soil moisture and wetland extent and inundation information coincident to Radar airborne and satellite image collections. This includes development of field collection protocols, gathering information on what field data were collected at what locations and when, as well as synthesizing field data.
Radarsat Members >> join N/A
SAR Cal/Val Data Synthesis Members >> join N/A
The goal of this working group is to create a digital compilation of field measurements across the ABoVE domain for support of airborne radar data analyses. The membership of this working group is comprised of ABoVE WG leads and researchers interested in contributing to the effort.
Spectral Imaging Members >> join N/A

Programmatic WGs
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of WG Projects
Collaborations and Engagement>> Members >> join N/A
Community Science>> Members >> join N/A

Synthesis Groups
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of WG Projects
Synthesis Multi-Disturbance Group Members >> join N/A