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Research and Logistics Support Organizations

This page referenced by sections 2.5 and of A.4 amendment 43

There are several organizations in the ABoVE study domain that may provide fee-for-service logistical support (e.g., permitting, site access, accommodations, field equipment, vehicles, etc.) for researchers. Below is a list of some of these organizations, with links to their websites for more information. Inclusion here does not signify preferential endorsement, nor guarantee space/support at these centers. If you have questions about these organizations, or suggestions for additions to the list, please contact

Research and Logistics Support Map

The person identified as the point of contact for each organization below is prepared to discuss logistics with investigatorspreparing proposals for ABoVE. Researchers contacting these persons should
take care to be considerate of their time andrespectful of any constraints and/or limitations on their ability to help.


Barrow Observatories

Jon Dunham
UIC Science General Manager

Dr. Karl Newyear
UIC Science Chief Scientist
907-852-0929 (o)
907-229-2915 (c)

Nagruk Harcharek
UIC Science Operations Manager

Bonanza Creek Long Term Ecological Research (LTER)

Jamie Hollingsworth
Bonanza Creek LTER Site Manager
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Toolik Field Station

Michael A. Abels
Toolik Operations Supervisor
Institute of Arctic Biology



Churchill Northern Studies Center

LeeAnn Fishback, Ph.D.
Scientific Coordinator


Northwest Territories

Aurora Research Institute

Erika Hille
Acting Manager of the Western Arctic Research Centre

Daring Lake Tundra Ecosystem Research Station (TERS)

Karin M. Clark
Cumulative Effects Biologist



Nunavut Research Centre

Polar Continental Shelf Program

Natural Resources Canada
Main Office:
2464 Sheffield Road
Ottawa, ON, Canada K1A 0G1

Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS)

Donald S. McLennan, PhD
Head - Monitoring Science/Gestionnaire Surveillance


Kluane Lake Research Station

Sian Williams
Station Manager
summer phone: 867-841-4561
winter phone: 867-634-2729

Yukon Research Center

Clint Sawicki
Director Research Services
Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College


Other Canadian Resources

Northern Research Facilities –Many of the Northern Research Facilities’ “primary research stations” within the ABoVE study domain are included in the Research and Logistics Centers list and map above. Additional facilities may also be discoverable through the Northern Research Facilities website.