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ABoVE Projects - added since ABoVE STM2 Jan 2016

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33 Projects added since Jan 2016    
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Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
Chen, Wenjun 
Fraser, Robert 
Zhang, Yu
: Monitoring and Assessing Cumulative Impacts on Western Canadian Arctic Ecosystems -- Chen-W-01 >>
2016 NRCan, 
Hebblewhite, Mark: Fortymile caribou herd habitat relationships -- Hebblewhite-01 >> 2017 BLM
Welker, Jeffrey: Nutritional Landscapes of Arctic Caribou: Observations, Experiments and Models Provide Process-Level Understanding of Forage Traits and Trajectories -- Welker-02 >> 2017 NSF
Fire Disturbance
Schaefer, Kevin: YKD project--Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta: The Impact of Fire on Active Layer Thickness -- Schaefer-05 >> 2016 NASA
Permafrost and Hydrology
Bartsch, Annett: GlobPermafrost -- Bartsch-01 >> 2017 ESA, 
Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura: Assessing and Downscaling SMAP data for Organic Soil Fuel Moisture Estimation in Boreal-Arctic Ecosystems -- Bourgeau-Chavez-04 >> 2017 NASA
Douglas, Thomas: Variations in Wetland Terrain Feature Conditions: The Role of Permafrost and Impacts to Military Operations -- Douglas-01 >> 2016 USACE
Genet, Helene: Modeling landscape vulnerability to thermokarst disturbance and its implication for ecosystem services in the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska -- Genet-01 >> 2016 USGS
Iwahana, Go: Quantification of thermokarst and carbon release in ice-rich permafrost regions -- Iwahana-01 >> 2016 NASA
Marsh, Philip (Phil): Hydrology, snow and permafrost in the western Canadian Arctic -- Marsh-01 >> 2016 NSERC, 
ArcticNet, PCSP, CFI, CRC, 
Nicolsky, Dmitry: Augmentation of the USArray sites with temperature profilers -- Nicolsky-01 >> 2016 NASA
Quinton, Bill: Consortium for Permafrost Ecosystems in Transition (CPET) -- Quinton-01 >> 2017 NSERC
Schaefer, Kevin: The Airborne InSAR and PolSAR Permafrost Dynamics Observatory -- Schaefer-06 >> 2016 NASA
Smith, Laurence: Sensitivity of Arctic-Boreal surface water to permafrost state -- Smith-L-01 >> 2016 NASA
Tabatabaeenejad, Alireza: Estimation of Belowground Biomass and Permafrost Active Layer Properties Using Radar and Lidar Measurements -- Tabatabaeenejad-01 >> 2016 NASA
Tank, Suzanne: Arctic Fire -- Tank-01 >> 2017 POLAR
Touzi, Ridha: Investigation of the added value of L- and P-band PolinSAR for permafrost characterization and mapping -- Touzi-01 >> 2016 NRCan, 
Turner, Kevin: Evaluating the influence of climate and land cover changes on water and carbon balance in Old Crow Flats, Yukon, Canada -- Turner-K-01 >> 2016 NSERC
Wheater, Howard: Changing Cold Regions Network (CCRN) -- Wheater-01 >> 2017 NSERC
Vegetation Structure and Function
Cook, Bruce: Remote Sensing as a Bridge to Operational Forest Carbon Monitoring in Interior Alaska -- Cook-B-03 >> 2016 NASA
Drewry, Darren: Airborne Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence to Characterize Arctic Boreal Zone Phenology and Productivity -- Drewry-01 >> 2016 NASA
Huemmrich, Karl (Fred): Causes and consequences of arctic greening: the importance of plant functional types -- Huemmrich-01 >> 2016 NASA
Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution
D'Arrigo, Rosanne: Determining the Vulnerability and Resilience of Boreal Forests and Shrubs across Northwestern North America -- D'Arrigo-01 >> 2016 NSF
Carbon Dynamics
Keeling, Ralph: Detection, Quantification, and Analysis of Changes in Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems Using Measurements and Models of CO2 and Its Isotopes -- Keeling-08 >> 2017 NASA
Miller, Charles (Chip): Imaging Arctic Methane Plumes -- Miller-C-05 >> 2016 NASA
Munger, J. (Bill): Multi-scale data assimilation and model comparison for ABoVE to identify processes controlling CO2 and CH4 exchange and influencing seasonal transitions in Arctic tundra ecosystems -- Munger-04 >> 2017 NASA
Neigh, Christopher (Chris): Disturbance, Growth, and Recovery of Boreal Forests Spanning the Satellite Era: 3D Structure, Site Index, and Ecosystem Carbon Flux with Changing Climate -- Neigh-01 >> 2017 NASA
Rocha, Adrian: NSF-LTREB: Following the reorganization and resynchronization of biogeochemical cycles after an unprecedented tundra fire -- Rocha-01 >> 2016 NSF
Rogers, Brendan: Understanding the Causes and Implications of Enhanced Seasonal CO2 Exchange in Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems -- Rogers-02 >> 2017 NASA
Sweeney, Colm: Airborne seasonal survey of CO2 and CH4 across ABoVE Domain -- Sweeney-01 >> 2016 NASA
Wunch, Debra: Atmospheric Total Column Measurements of Carbon Dioxide and Methane over the ABoVE Domain -- Wunch-01 >> 2016 U of Toronto
Chatterjee, Abhishek: GEOS-5 Forecasting and Modeling in Support of ABoVE airborne research -- Chatterjee-01 >> 2016 NASA
Schaefer, Kevin: PBS project: A Permafrost Benchmark System to evaluate permafrost models -- Schaefer-04 >> 2016 NASA