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Morton-02 Project Profile
  (updated 03-Jan-2017)
Project Title:A Joint USFS-NASA Pilot Project to Estimate Forest Carbon Stocks in Interior Alaska by Integrating Field, Airborne and Satellite Data
Project Lead: Douglas (Doug) Morton, NASA GSFC
Project Funding: 2013 - 2017
NASA (agency representative: Diane Wickland)
Project Type:NASA -- joined ABoVE in 2015
Solicitation:NASA: Carbon Monitoring System (2013)
Successor Projects: Cook-B-03  
Abstract: Monitoring U.S. forest carbon stocks is critical for natural resource management and national greenhouse gas reporting activities. The USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program 'the largest network of permanent forest inventory plots in the world' covers most U.S. forestlands. However, more than 450,000 km2 of forests in interior Alaska (15% ... [more]
ABoVE Science Questions
  • Carbon Pools
ABoVE Disciplinary Theme
  • Vegetation Structure and Function
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  • Airborne Remote Sensing
    • Airborne Lidar
  • Vegetation
    • FIA plots [details in USFS]
Sites/Measurements Map:
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Status: In-Progress Date When Available: 9/30/2016
Product Title:  Maps of carbon stocks with pixel-level carbon estimates and pixel-level uncertainties.
Description:  - Quantify Forest carbon stocks and uncertainties in a region with sparse Ground-based data for inventory and management purposes.
Expected Users:  USFS in Alaska, NASA CMS and ABoVE science teams
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Status: In-Progress Date When Available: 9/30/2016
Product Title:  Statistical estimates of carbon stocks at stratum level.
Description:  - Provide statistical estimates of Forest carbon stocks with uncertainties for Comparison purposes.
Expected Users:  USFS in Alaska, NASA CMS and ABoVE science teams
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Publications: Finley, A. O., Banerjee, S., Zhou, Y., Cook, B. D., Babcock, C. 2017. Joint hierarchical models for sparsely sampled high-dimensional LiDAR and forest variables. Remote Sensing of Environment. 190, 149-161. DOI: 10.1016/j.rse.2016.12.004

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2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)
  • G-LiHT: Multi-Sensor Airborne Image Data from Denali to the Yucatan   --   (Bruce Cook, Lawrence A Corp, Douglas Morton, Joel McCorkel)   [abstract]   [poster]
  • Large-area inventory of boreal forest carbon stocks in interior Alaska using G-LiHT data and forest inventory plots   --   (Douglas Morton, Bruce Cook, Hans Erik Andersen, Robert Pattison, Ross Nelson, Andrew Finley, Chad Babcock, Lawrence A Corp, Matthew E Fagan, Laura Duncanson)   [abstract]

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