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Eitel-01 Project Profile
  (updated 15-Dec-2016)
Project Title:LiDAR, passive spectral, and ecophysiological approaches to link Forest Tundra Ecotone structure and function
Project Lead: Jan Eitel, University of Idaho
Project Funding: 2015 - 2019
NASA (agency representative: Eric Kasischke)
Project Type:NASA -- joined ABoVE in 2015
Solicitation:NASA: Terrestrial Ecology (2014)
Abstract: At 13,400 km in length, the Forest Tundra Ecotone (FTE) is the worldÃÆ''Ã''s largest ecological transition zone. However, little is known about how the FTE - a critical component of the ABoVE study domain - will respond to ever-increasing environmental change. Remotely sensed information could play a key role in filling portions of this crit ... [more]
ABoVE Science Questions
  • Flora and Fauna
ABoVE Science Objectives: Ecosystem Dynamics
  • Vegetation, hydrology, disturbance interactions
  • Controls on Carbon Biogeochemistry
ABoVE Science Objectives: Ecosystem Services
  • Human Health
  • Subsistence
  • Climate Regulation
  • Ecosystem Services Interactions
ABoVE Disciplinary Theme
  • Vegetation Structure and Function
Participants: Project Lead(s):Co-Investigator(s):Post-Doc(s):Student-Graduate(s):Collaborator(s):

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Proposed Fieldwork Schedule:2015-SU
  • Snow
    • Snow Depth
  • Vegetation
    • Canopy height & structure
    • FIA plots [details in USFS]
    • Ground Lidar
    • PAR
    • PRI
    • Soil temperature
    • Surface temperature
    • Tree density
  • Weather
    • Air temperature
    • Radiation (four component)
    • Wind speed
Sites/Measurements Map:
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Status: In-Progress Date When Available:
Product Title:  Vegetation structure, snowpack dynamics, radiative transfer, tree physiology, and FTE vulnerability and resiliency for areas within the YK Delta
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