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Wilson-01 Project Profile
  (updated 13-Apr-2015)
Project Title:Characterizing Thawing Permafrost Carbon Emissions: An Integrated Pilot Study in Support of Satellite Evaluation/Design and Earth System Modeling Capabilities
Project Lead: Emily Wilson, NASA GSFC
Project Funding: 2014 - 2017
NASA (agency representative: Jared Entin)
Project Type:NASA -- joined ABoVE in 2015
Solicitation:NASA: Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science (2012)
Abstract: The climate of the Arctic is rapidly changing, with possible important releases of carbon to the atmosphere, including from permafrosts as they continue to thaw. Satellite instruments offer hope for estimating and monitoring changes in carbon emissions in the Arctic, but i) this region presents significant challenges (e.g., persistent cloud cover, ... [more]
ABoVE Science Questions
  • Permafrost
  • Carbon Pools
ABoVE Disciplinary Theme
  • Carbon Dynamics
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Product Title:  Carbon emissions of permafrost study sites
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2015 NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop Poster(s)
  • An Open-Path Tunable Diode Laser Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Methane and Carbon Dioxide   --   (D. Michelle Bailey, Erin M. Adkins, Emily L Wilson, J. Houston Miller)   [abstract]

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